Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

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J.G. Tate Fire Protection System Inc. has been designing and installing fire sprinkler systems in buildings and residences throughout the San Diego area, providing a level of protection to lives and property that is not only reliable, but cost effective as well. We are known for our expertise in systems maintenance and our prompt attention to emergency repair needs.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems in San Diego, CA have been saving lives and property since they first became available in the late 1800s. They are widely recognized as the most effective way for preventing the spread of fires when they are still in their early stages, so they are less likely to cause severe property damage and loss of life.

At J.G. Tate Fire Protection System Inc., we are dedicated to making sure that all of our fire sprinkler systems will perform as intended, to make sure you have the peace of mind that only the most reliable equipment can bring.

There are some facts you should know about fire sprinkler systems and what they can mean to you:

• When one sprinkler head goes off, they do not all go off. The sprinklers are designed to only react to temperatures in each individual room, so unaffected areas will not be hosed down.

• Accidental set-off is extremely rare.

• Having fire sprinkler systems installed can mean insurance discounts.

• Fire damage in buildings with sprinklers was 78 percent less than in those without, according to the NFPA.

• About half of all motels and hotels in a 1988 survey had fire sprinkler systems.

Protect your belongings, buildings, and beloved ones with the best in fire sprinkler systems provided by San Diego’s best, J.G. Tate Fire Protection System Inc. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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